No contexto do ESG e sendo o ano de 2022 marcado pela publicação dos resultados dos Stress Climáticos e que serão analisados pelo regulador e BCE em primeira mão em Portugal no próximo dia 28/07 pelas 8h45 na Fintech House.

Banco Central Europeu (Sup) publicou esta semana os resultados dos Climate Stress Tests tendo avaliado 104 bancos da zona euro nos seguintes módulos.

Os bancos tiveram que fornecer informações “sobre:

(i) capacidades próprias de teste de estresse climático,

(ii) dependência de setores emissores de carbono, e

(iii) desempenho em diferentes cenários ao longo de vários horizontes de tempo.”

  • Os resultados mostraram que apenas 20% dos bancos até agora consideram o risco climático nas suas estratégias de empréstimo.
  • 60% dos bancos ainda não tinham uma estrutura de teste de stress de risco climático e 2/3 da receita do banco vem de setores de alta emissão.
RSFF até 26/07 para /Antonio Santos Lourenço 91 3106182
Fintech House: Praça da Alegria 22- 1250-217 Lisboa


Ficheiro:Flag of Sao Tome and Principe.svg – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
In order to promote financial literacy, PSO Knowledge & Communication plans to hold a set of entrepreneurship and circular economy forums for the first time in São Tomé and Príncipe, the 4th African country on our agenda for 2022/2023.
On the 24th of May 2022, the Forum “BNPL – Buy Now Pay Later Challenges for Portugal” organized by PSO took place in Lisbon. We were delighted to have the opportunity to discuss the future of BNPL and discuss its challenges with some of the best thought leaders in the industry. Special thanks to the speakers for their involvement and the great insights shared during this event!
Debate om the future of BNPL
"Challenges and Oppurtunities for Portugal"
Lisbon 24th of May - Fintech House

In the forefront of the impact of payments that awoke during Covid in the "Contacless" context, the era of the 3 clicks with a special focus on the highly relevant figure that represents the Buy Nowso commonly known as Payment in installments, very much in vogue in Brasil, PSO Knowledge & Communication will organize a clarification session on this topic on the 24th/5.

The Forum will discuss the essence of this "Son of the Open Baking era" concept, in wich, in addition to the Buy Now Pay Later figure, legally seen as a credit or consumer credit product in the light of the regulator'
s vision, as well as the main trails that are envisioned in a Horizon of expansion of this figure that stands out in the northern Europe where financial literacy is already at a very advanced level.

Portugal is situated at an intermidiate level between countries of Latin culture such as Brazil and countries of culture, and the debate will be a very interesting moment of clarification between issuers, traders and regulator.

For more information contact Rodrigo Santos Moreira 91 3106182

Openbankig an obviously imperative for banks and users ?
A Global Outlook vision from Banks Tier 1 Line Executives and CIO’s CTO’s Directors about Open Banking impact on their strategy and how it will make a changeover on users mode of life and which Banks are in the front line about leaping forward the use of specific technologies will characterize the first workshop panel.

It and Cloud Director will mark the 2nd panel workshop which will be characterized by the impact of using or not Cloud Tech. Sharing experiences from IT Directors such as Carlos Moura Banco de Portugal Central Bank IT Director, Nuno Gama  Banco CTT IT Director  CTT, Manuel Domingues CIO of Novo Banco and Andre Mestre from Microsoft.

Event will be open by Tereza Cavaco- Central Bank of Portugal Head of Payments Systems  and an official from Ministry of Economy to be designated

Friday 19th November at the Fintech House - Hybrid event which interested attended can apply through /91 3106182 for lunch registration post event.
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