Data da Conferência: 2021-12-10

December 10th 2021
HYBRID | Culturgest Large Auditorium 
     R. Arco do Cego 77,
       1000-300 Lisboa
09h00 Open Session by His Excellence the Board Member of  the Portuguese Central Bank
– Prof  PhD Ana Paula  Serra

9h30 The Eurozone Governance Challenges –Sharing Past/Present and Future Experiences
Paper de Paul Thomsen Former IMF Prof LSE

10h10 -11h10 WORKSHOP I Paper Debate Outlook vision
António Costa e Silva -Recovery and Resilience comitee
Manuel Caldeir a Cabral – President Start Up Portugal and former ministro da Economia
Marco Buti –European Union –Director General for Economics and Financial Affairs
Peter Praet–Former European Central -Bank Chief Economist

11h10 -11h20 COFFEE-BREAK

11h20 -12h10 WORKSHOP II Governance Using Power of Data
Opening by Ana Paula Ramos  - Credito Agricola Board Member
Carlos Albuquerque - Executive Administrator of CGD
José Maria Brandão Brito - Chief Economist and Head of
Research, ESG and Crypto at MilleniumBCP
Mário Romão – Associate Professor with Aggregation at  ISEG
Pedro Serrão Cave  Digital 

12h10 -13h10 WORKSHOP III Vision in Creating Value through the type of actual Universities:
Convergence or “each one by themselves”
António Nogueira Leite - Economist
Christopher Tucci – Professor of Digital Strategy& Inovation at Imperial College of London
João César das Neves –Professor Catedrático UCP
Francesco Franco – Economic Professor Nova SBE

13h10 - 13h30 Closure
13h30 Lunch Closure

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